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Until recently my everyday life was delivering my Award-winning* Qigong Programmes, whether they be through my regular public classes or my work with the NHS and many other major health organisations. 


I want to be able to continue teaching and share the many benefits of Qigong with you albeit not face-to-face (well you’ll see mine :-) So, I’m offering FREE LIVE ONLINE CLASSES TO EVERYONE EVERY WEEKDAY at 10 am (catch-up at any time), and I've made +50 videos for you to watch and elarn Qigong. If you’ve never done Qigong before it’s a versatile non-pharmacological natural healthcare system which works on prevention and intervention, and forms a key branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


My classes will offer you tried and tested practices to:


  • strengthen your immune system

  • promote lung health

  • increase your oxygen levels

  • reduce stress and anxiety


My method of teaching offers low-impact gentle movements with positive intention, linking the theory that thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions - what we do and how our body feels - are all interconnected. If we change one of these, we can alter the others, creating a positive ripple effect on the whole person (body, mind and spirit) and their immediate social networks. 


The benefit of joining these classes doesn’t stop there. In these unprecedented times when we are socially isolated, we need to feel connected and part of something positive. Participating in the LIVE classes brings a feeling of human connection, there are people all over the world doing this practice with you, right here, right now and that creates a powerful sense of belonging and connection.


No matter your age, ability or experience, these classes will offer you a daily routine in our temporary upside-down world, something to look forward to and give you a sense of purpose.

Sign-up here and see you soon.


From the 4th May all online classes will be moving to our new purpose built ONLINE QIGONG SCHOOL | MOVE LIFE BETTER. You can visit the website now to sign-up and have a look around at the +50 videos.


Given in kindness,




*Active Norfolk ‘Activity in the Community Award 2019’

Nominated for the RCNi Nursing Awards 2020 (Finals July 2020)



Tel. 01603 516171

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Email. hello@nntqs.co.uk

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