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Deniz Paradot

A "modern-day monk" and the "calmest man in Norfolk" says BBC Radio Norfolk presenter Chrissie Jackson. Deniz is a master in the living traditions of the Chinese Life Arts and the founder of the Norfolk & Norwich Taiji Qigong School and Ma’gong Movement Meditation. An expert in his field, he has an infectious sense of humour and excellent communication skills.

His journey began in 1995, when Deniz underwent major spinal surgery and embarked on a difficult and long recovery. As a result of the surgery he contracted Fibromyalgia Syndrome leaving him depressed and in chronic pain. Western medicine wasn't helping so he cultivated a Taiji Qigong practice that exceeded all expectations. Now, immersed in the present moment through Taiji Qigong, Deniz feels wonderfully alive and well.


His areas of interest are Taiji Qigong, Neigong, Daoism, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, Mindfulness, calligraphy, the Dao of Tea, traditional Qi Healing and Yijing science.

As a teacher, Deniz uses a range of techniques from the East and West, drawing on his 22 years of Taiji Qigong experience to help students make significant changes in their lives, as he has. Norfolk and Norwich Taiji Qigong practitioners will learn to take control of their health and happiness.

For some people like Deniz, imparting words of wisdom to others comes naturally. Deniz always seems to have a combination of knowledge, experience, & intellect to be able to take his life experiences & communicate those experiences to his students in a way that makes the student see the wisdom & beauty in what is being communicated to them, and it provides a level of inspiration to the student. 

Today, Deniz combines intelligence, humour and childlike enthusiasm in all that he does. His desire to give back is apparent as he shares the energy flow and deep sensations of Taiji Qigong with his students. In addition to his daily classes in Norwich, Deniz runs immersive year long self-cultivation programmes and hosts annual retreats at the inspiring Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Monastery each year and travels the UK and Europe teaching. 

“Sharing Taiji Qigong is an illuminating and rewarding exchange between my students and me. When you’re creating and choosing paths from a primarily intuitive place, life can be wondrously free, energetic and extraordinary. I know it seems radical. But I promise, it’s real and I’m honoured to share and pass Taiji Qigong on to you.” Deniz Paradot

Laurie Paradot

Laurie has studied extensively with Deniz, and leading and discerning teachers from China. This has been several years of intensive full time study and practice which includes Neigong, Qigong and Neidan as well as becoming experienced in the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine learnt directly from practicing Chinese doctors. Alongside this she has also studied nutrition, law, clinical research and is a leading local figure in women’s health and body confidence.


Laurie is the first woman to teach the remarkable Radiant Woman Lotus Qigong in the UK. Women’s energy bodies are different from men’s, their essence moves in a different cycle and they naturally have access to energy centres which men might find difficult to work with until much later stages in their development. Going through this process has greatly developed Laurie’s experience and she now shares her knowledge and teaches women-specific practices in Norwich and surrounding villages.


Laurie teaches courses and classes as a part of the Norfolk & Norwich Taiji Qigong School alongside Deniz, as well as within her own school of Radiant Woman Qigong.

Practicing Taiji Qigong is more than just learning how to perform a set of beautiful flowing movements. Yes, it's incredibly relaxing and feels amazing to practice, but it's also a set of skills that are transferable into how we live our lives. How we see ourselves, how we treat ourselves (and others), how we eat, how we move, how we breathe, how we communicate. Most of all it's a route to living a happier life that aligns with what's important to us. As I watch the transformative power of taiji qigong unfold in my students' lives, I feel so grateful to have discovered this beautiful life art and honoured to teach it.” Laurie Paradot



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