Medical qigong for health

What is Medical Qigong?


One of the major developments in health care in the past thirty years has been the introduction of Eastern ideas into Western thought. This Eastern influence has shown up in a number of ways: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Meditation, Mindfulness, Tai Chi and Medical Qigong (therapeutic exercise). A key aspect of Eastern approaches to health is in the introduction and Western acceptance of ‘energy’ as a specific force in nature and within the human body.


Medical Qigong is the synchronised practice of breathing, mindfulness and movement. Medical Qigong is both ‘External' in the way it builds muscle strength, tendon suppleness, fascia elasticity and joint mobility, and ‘Internal' as it optimises organ health and the neuroendocrine system. Medical Qigong works through the Acupuncture Meridians, Limbic and Central Nervous System. As Harvard Medical School call it, "Movement Medication and Meditation". This meditation component of Medical Qigong is an example of the psychoneuroimmunological process that affects physical health and well-being of the participant. The moving meditation of Medical Qigong lowers stress, strengthens the immune system, reduces chronic inflammation, and improves cellular metabolism.


Common themes run throughout these Eastern principles and practices. First is that the body and the mind form a single entity and cannot be treated separately. Second is an emphasis on harmony, balance and integration with this entity. These factors are not merely important to good health and a happy life - they are the very foundation of them. A third theme is the necessity of inner awareness and the fostering of those practices which address a person’s internal environment. These include how to quiet the mind, breathe correctly, clear and organise the body, and integrate the three into one well-functioning whole.


Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of Medical Qigong in treating common conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety, diabetes, addiction, Arthritis, Parkinson’s, chronic pain management, musculoskeletal disorders and hypertension. At the same time, Governments are recognising that Medical Qigong can be a very good addition for their national health service because Medical Qigong itself provides an affordable health-care system for improving well-being, treating chronic diseases, enhancing ageing. 


Additionally, Medical Qigong is a natural intervention involving self-motivation and participation, thereby empowering people to manage their own health. Medical Qigong is an ancient art, a living tradition that has a lot more layers of technical and conceptual depth than meet the eye. The significant ‘health’ properties of Medical Qigong for improving health, derives from a set of essential principles. Leave these principles behind and Medical Qigong becomes no more than a physical gesturing of arms and legs that bring little of the health benefits that Medical Qigong is so capable of delivering. The Three Foundation is proud to retain and share these principles in their programs.





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