The simplified meaning of Taiji

Updated: Dec 5, 2017

Tai is usually referred to as great or supreme. Ji can be referred to as ultimate. Together the ideogram has come to mean 'Great Ultimate'. The Great Ultimate is hidden inside each character/radical and those characters reveal hidden practices. The first use of the word Taiji comes from the I Ching and a reference to the balance of yin yang. 

The top symbol is the radical for Tai. The word Tai looks like a wide open human ody concentrating on the potential lifeforce within.

The lower radicals for Ji are two symbols. The left we identify Ji with the growing tree–from root (our feet and legs) to trunk (pelvis and torso), then out to branches and twigs (arms and fingers), to leaves, blossoms and fruits (our endless creative expressions). The right is recognised as the humble human-being, stretched out within our full potential (the vertical line), connected between heaven (first upper horizontal stroke) and earth (the last base stroke) to unify (left square) and to interact (right figure-of-eight infinity style loop) eternally. 

Taiji is an unspoken language, it has an innate intelligence, a wisdom to communicates and harmonise the flow of Qi inside and outside of us. It is the "Great Ultimate" of practical daily living.



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