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Affordability, flexibility and opportunity

We believe the best way to benefit from Taiji Qigong is to Live Qigong. Living Qigong means to practice as often as you can in your everyday life. But, we get it - life happens: work, children, sickness, holidays. Before you know it you can't get to class. With all the disruptions of home, creating a personal practice can seem very difficult. 

We want to help by offering you more classes to choose from, complete flexibility and by making our classes affordable, especially when you choose to enrol as an unlimited student. As an unlimited student, you'll come to class as often as you like, and with 5 classes to choose from every week, you'll have plenty of opportunities to make your practice part of your life. Become what you practice.

We can only keep our prices affordable when you also show commitment to us. We never ask you to sign a contract, however, we do ask that students signing up for unlimited classes commit to a 12-month subscription, which can be cancelled at any time. 


Pricing plans

Norfolk and Norwich Taiji Qigong School

START TODAY! Your first class is always free! (if you are still a little unsure and don't want to commit afterwards then you can 'drop-in' for up to the next three consecutive classes for £9 each class)

  • £32.50 for one class (one form) each week paid monthly (any missed classes can be made up in the month)

  • £37.50 for unlimited classes (one form) paid monthly by standing order

  • £48.00 pre-payment card - 6 classes valid for 8 weeks

  • Couples discount - please ask

  • £40 per hour private tuition

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