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Radiant Woman Qigong (RWQ) is a mindful movement practise for every woman that has been specifically designed to balance hormones, focus the mind, calm the emotions, and strengthen the body. 

RWQ is a complete health system for women at all stages of life, that combines graceful movement performed with intention and attention, breathing exercises, self-massage techniques and vibrational sound healing to enhance the whole body health of women from puberty, through fertility, pregnancy and well into her 'Second Spring' (menopause and beyond).

Recommended for women of all ages, and of particular help for those experiencing pre-menstrual, peri-menopause and menopause symptoms; regular practice can eliminate or significantly reduce the discomfort caused by hormonal fluctuations and imbalances.

RWQ is a multi-faceted health system from China, Tibet and the West that empowers women of all ages at all stages of life to take an active role in their own self-care and renewal, and supports women in their personal development and self-healing knowledge to achieve radiant health and vitality. 

Regular practice has helped many women:

  • reduce symptoms related to hormone imbalance 

  • improve bone strength

  • boost metabolism and regulate appetite

  • stimulate lymph flow

  • eliminate toxins and invigorate immunity

  • release stress and feelings of overwhelm

  • cultivate an overall sense of calm and well-being

  • relax and tone the body

  • reduce pain and tension

  • optimise health and renew energy

  •  support the gentle release of blocked emotions and past traumas

  • support and hasten recovery after an illness or operation

  • glow from the inside out 

It is simple to learn, and suitable for women of all ages and abilities.

It takes the heart of a true Warrior Goddess to be a woman, and only women can intimately relate to the changes that occur in our bodies, minds and emotions during our monthly cycles and life cycles. 

The hormonal shifts, the emotional ups and downs, the physical discomfort: mood swings, cramping, hot flashes, anxiety, losing sleep…


The miracle of creating new life, the profound act of giving birth, the joy and challenges of motherhood. 

The menopause, our ‘Second Spring’: In China, menopause is considered as the time of life when a woman has the potential to fully blossom into her empowered self; rather than seeing her life as half over, it’s a time of re-birth, renewal and celebration.  An opportunity to rediscover herself, and mature with grace, wisdom and vitality. 

Learning how to handle the changes brought on by hormonal shifts whether during our monthly cycles, post-pregnancy or at peri-menopause and beyond, can dramatically improve quality of life. 

Regular practice of Radiant Woman Qigong can be a valuable addition to your personal self-care toolbox. 

Explore or rediscover your own unique gifts, inner radiance and limitless potential.

Learn how to cultivate self-love, understanding and a deeper appreciation of your innate healing gifts in a nurturing, non-judgemental environment that supports peace in the body, heart and mind. 

Many have reported positive effects to their menstrual cycles, reduction or elimination of breast lumps and cysts, fibrocystic breast disease, hot flashes, pain or discomfort during periods, and a feeling of harmonious balance from dedicated regular practice. 

Laurie is a certified Qigong instructor and sees herself as a lifelong student of the Energy Arts and Daoist philosophy of living. 

She has a daily personal practice and is dedicated to continuous training with the aim of furthering her own self-development and enriching her teaching. She attends classes every week, and trains intensively 1 weekend every month, and for at least 1 week per year with Master practitioners all over the world, to deepen her personal practice. 


Laurie loves to be in nature and likes nothing more than a blustery walk on the beach with her family and their crazy dog, Cara. She also enjoys getting creative in the kitchen, either experimenting with recipes for energising snacks that don’t cost the earth and taste amazing or simply relaxing by baking delicious cakes.


After 35 years of low self-confidence and yo-yo dieting, she is passionate about helping people break free from oppressive thoughts and feelings about their weight and self-worth, helping them achieve body confidence, genuine health and vitality, and realise their true potential.

Laurie offers a monthly Women's Healing Circle from our studio in Norwich.

This is a pre-booked event only as numbers are limited. Message Laurie to reserve your place - hello@radiantwomanqigong.co.uk


£15 per person


Dates 2020 (please note there are two dates in March)


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