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Integrated Qigong (IQ) for Health is our Award-Winning therapeutic mind-body exercise system that empowers people to manage their own mental and physical health.

IQ is a key branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is the origin of the more commonly known Tai Chi. 

Developed by Deniz Paradot, our programmes have achieved an amazing 100% positive feedback from participants.

IQ offers an effective, revitalising, slow and relaxed alternative.

IQ is now receiving wider acclaim in the West as an Integrated approach to health and wellness. When the fundamental internal content that drives and gives shape to IQ Forms is present and active, IQ offers an effective, revitalising, slow and relaxed alternative to the push, force and strain approach to many mainstream forms of exercise. It is this internal content that is responsible for the health and healing benefits associated with IQ, without them then IQ essentially amounts to a pleasurable gesturing of arms and legs and yield little more than the standard external exercise, which lacks the fundamental internal connections that deliver deeper health benefits.

A healthy body starts with slow, gentle and repetitive exercise.

The widespread Western viewpoint is that exercise is about the muscles and the heart; strengthen the muscles and get the blood pumping creates a healthy body. The Eastern approach to creating a healthy body starts with slow, gentle and repetitive exercise that targets and releases tension in the soft tissues and nerves, stimulates the organs, circulates blood and energy, and relaxes the body, emotions and mind. There is no separation of mind and body, body and emotions, energy and mind, they are all integrated and as such any practice for health should also be integrated.

Function better in your every day life.

All these features combine to produce a form of therapeutic exercise that carries over in practical ways to help you function better in your every day life. For example, IQ movements mimic activities of daily living, such as lifting, pushing, and pulling. Even the mental component can carry over, helping you to stay centred during emotionally challenging times. 

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